UAV Academy

In order to meet the needs of the test flight, delivery, customer training & pilot training for civil use, we established JOUAV? UAV Academy which includes more than 100 technical & management personnel. At the same time, we built a standardized flight base at Beichuan general aviation airport & carried out strict safety management.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you be a smart and safe drone pilot. For UAV products and solutions, we offer systematic professional training services,including basic knowledge of flight planning and data acquisition, as well as training for industry-specific applications.

Our Advantages

JOUAV? UAV Academy has training ability of VTOL fixed-wing UAVs, and the training qualifications for the over-the-horizon pilot and instructor (Class III and IV) of VTOL UAVs.More than 7,250 well-trained UAV pilots were provided to the corporate team.

JOUAV? strictly abides by various UAV laws and regulations, and has also established a special airspace management department to standardize the airspace application and usage by the company.There are full operation and maintenance courses for CW series UAV systems, which would help customer learn how to use the UAS properly, and how to maintenance to keep it in best work condition.

"Providing excellent practitioners is of importance to promote industrial development and employment." Xu Kaichong JOUAV College / Director

"UAS Pilot has become a new occupation, I will try my best to promote the occupation and industrial development." Guo Menggang JOUAV College / Training Manager

"Every take-off is optional, but every landing is a must — Flying and yourself are your life." Li Ning JOUAV College / Vice Manager

"When three are walking together, I'm sure to find teachers among them. Learn from each other and make progress." Zhang Hao JOUAV College / Senior Instructor

"It's my responsibility to teach every student seriously and help them achieve excellent results." Wang Tinyu JOUAV College / Instructor

"As a girl, I also have a flying dream and I'm on the way to achieve it, it's not only the flying for me." Ou Yonghui JOUAV College / Instructor

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