CWCommander combines the functionalities of the drone data analysis and visualization platform with the JOUAV Cloud, and integrates with the JOUAV? ground control station, which is a powerful management and control system.

Smart Surveillance,Intelligent Command

CW Commander is the ground control station software designed for CW Series unmanned aircraft system, which can realize the installation of flight control and navigation system, parameters online-adjustment & telemetry Data Surveillance, flight mission planning, real-time adjustment and operation, flight data distribution & files playback and analysis, etc.

Windows 7 8 10 PC or Tablet

How to use it quickly?

CWCommander has powerful setting function and simple operation design, which can easily generate complex flight line tasks(support the import of KML files, which can greatly improve the efficiency of engineering mapping), and greatly improve the task execution efficiency in construction industry, precision agriculture, aerial photogrammetry, powerline patrol, safety monitoring and disaster relief.

Device Support

CW-007 New

A portable, integrated UAV platform that delivers exceptional reliability to our customers.


Modular, portable & integrated UAV platform for multiple purposes.


Folding arms, no need of disassembly, further improving the reliability and convenience of the drone.


The innovative VTOL layout brings us higher efficiency and stability.


Long endurance and large payload UAV platform, great performance on the plateau.


Stable structure, large payload and long endurance UAV platform, diversified mission compartments for choice.


No GCPs,and no need for relay stations to realize the function of large mapping area.


A VTOL fixed wing UAV platform with exceptional payload capability (up to 20KG).

UAV Academy

JOUAV is a VTOL fixed wing training institution certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to provide high quality UAV training and certification services. At the same time, we also provide delivery training for our customers.
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